Bites and Sharing plates

Tofu and Kimchi Gyozas (VEGAN)

Deliciously crafted gyozas filled with savoury tofu and tangy kimchi, bursting with flavour in every bite (Gw,Sp,Sd)

Lamb Shank Gyozas

Tender Irish lamb shanks, braised to perfection, shredded and seasoned with spices, enveloped in homemade gyozas, accompanied by a zesty mint and lime aioli for a delightful culinary experience. (E,Gw,Sp,Sd)

Beef Short Rib Gyozas

Slow-cooked for 8 hours, Irish beef short rib is shredded, seasoned with a house spice blend, encased in homemade gyozas, and served with a bold sriracha aioli for a flavour-packed indulgence. (E,Gw,Sp,Sd)

Kimchi Fritters (VEGETARIAN)

Savory kimchi béchamel fritters with mozzarella, chili flakes, sesame seeds, panko, and Kewpie aioli for a flavourful and crunchy delight. (E,Gw,Mi,Se,Sd,Sp,E)

Scallops and Ahi Tuna Ceviche

Juicy large scallops, delicately seasoned, paired with citrus-basil marinated tuna, accompanied by a fresh fennel salad, pink pickled ginger, apple gel, and luxurious Ora King Roe for a harmonious blend of flavours and textures. (F,Cr,Mo,Sp,Sd,So,Se)

Duck Bao Buns

Steamed bao buns filled with succulent shredded duck leg, Asian slaw, coriander, sesame seeds, crispy shallots, and flavourful Char Siu sauce. (Cr,Gw,Gy,So,Se,Sp,Sd)

Jackfruit Bao Buns (VEGAN)

Steamed bao buns filled with tender shredded jackfruit, complemented by Asian slaw, fresh coriander, sesame seeds, and crispy shallots for a delicious plant-based twist on a classic dish. (Gw,Gy,So,Se,Sp,Sd)

Asian Duck salad

Rice paper wraps featuring scallions, carrot, baby spinach, and pea shoots tossed in dressing, adorned with tender shredded duck leg, crunchy toasted cashews, and juicy watermelon, offering a vibrant and flavourful culinary experience with a blend of textures and tastes. (F,So,Se,NCn)

Red velvet Prawns in tempura

Crispy tempura-fried prawns served with a zesty lime and chive aioli for a delightful burst of flavour and satisfying crunch. (Cr,E,Mo)

Chicken Wings 14€

Indulge in crispy chicken wings paired with a fiery Korean red pepper and ginger sauce, garnished with fresh scallions, chili, and a kick of sriracha aioli, topped with togarashi and sesame seeds for an explosion of flavour. (E,F,Mi,Se,Sd,Sp,So)


Ce-(celery) Cr-(Crustaceans) E-(Eggs) F-(Fish) Go-(Gluten Oats) Gr-(Gluten Rye) Gb-(Gluten Barley) Gw-(Gluten Wheat) Lu-(Lupin) Mi-(Milk) Na-(Nuts: Almond) Nc-
(Nuts: Cashew) Nw-(Nuts: Walnuts) Nh-(Nuts: Hazelnuts) Nps-(Nuts: Pistachio) Npn-(Nuts: Pine Nuts) Np-(Nuts: Pecans) Npe-(Nuts: Peanut) Mo-(Molluscs) Mu-(Mustard) Sd-(Sulphur Dioxide), Se-(Sesame) So-(Soy)

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